I Have Ideas at 1 AM

I have ideas at 1 AM. And yes there is an emoji in the title of this post and YES I actually did write this post at one o’clock in the morning.

Okay so picture this: I’m sitting on my couch thinking “what the hell am I doing”. Can I get an amen from all the young entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs who started when they were young? (or not maybe you still feel this way from time to time, that’s cool to) I mean seriously, I’m 23 years old (👶🏼) and I hear on the DAILY “are you sure?”. The answer is always going to be no, but I can tell you what I AM sure of. If I just give up I’ll always regret it.

So I have ideas at 1 AM when all hope is lost and I’m ready to throw in the towel because I just might be the world’s worst entrepreneur (possibly still true but I’m feeling high and mighty right now so please just roll with it) and all of a sudden I’m reminded why I want this SO badly. It’s that rush, that thrill I get when I have that one killer idea that I’ve been waiting for that makes feel unstoppable.

Everything begins with an idea. Be honest, we’ve all thought of it at some point like — who came up with the fork, or ceiling fans, or the electoral college? Why DOES pizza come in a square box? Some ideas are great and some not so great. Some people have them in dorm rooms at Harvard (can you guess?) and some people have them on the bus on the way to work. It’s actually quite beautiful. And I know, I know — there’s this whole argument about whether or not EVERYONE can be an entrepreneur and while I don’t necessarily think it’s meant for everyone, we do all have ideas. And time and time again I think what stop’s people from pursuing them is fear. Fear of failure, or even fear of success. (which I definitely don’t have 🙄 #sarcasm). FOR EXAMPLE: I’m literally sitting on my couch thinking up this new idea and I’m completely terrified, yet — Imma do it anyway.

So again, I have ideas at 1 in the morning and I’m pretty new to this whole entrepreneurship thing. One day it was the name of my third period class in college and the next day it was all I wanted to do 24/7 (that’s a whole other story btw). Although I wasn’t sold on BEING an entrepreneur just yet, I certainly knew I wanted to work with them. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all the passion and dedication? and so I did that — for a while, but there was this fire inside me that just kept getting bigger and bigger (can you say #lit 🔥). So about a year later I decided to finally bight the bullet and spread my wings!

And now here I am four months in and 💩.

Right? I mean, can I get another amen? I wanted to build a brand but wasn’t thinking about the value I wanted to build first. It actually astonishes me how quickly I was able to find the root of my problem when I sat down and thought about it (this writing thing is so f****** therapeutic). Anyway — back to me sitting on my couch thinking I’m a terrible entrepreneur (again, still very possible given my lack of discipline on appropriate bed times). Once I finally was able to have that clarity it literally slapped me across the face.

THIS is what I want

THIS is the impact I want to leave.

Crystal clear.

At 1 AM 🙂