Growth Marketing Tweets From Canadian Marketing Rockstars

It never ceases to amaze me how young people in business, but particularly in marketing don’t use Twitter to their advantage. Whether it’s to network, grow your brand/business, or to simply reach out to leading experts in your field and ask for their advice. 

In mid-September, I tweeted out asking startup marketers in my network to tweet me their favourite growth hack to be featured in this very post. Immediately some rockstars in my network and community already, reached out and offered their trade secrets… And then I thought, hey - this is Twitter, why don’t I expand this and reach out to some of the best marketers in Canada?

I’ve always loved the quote about Twitter making it possible for you to reach people you otherwise might never have had access to. You will 150% always surprise yourself with who responds. 

Check out what some of the top Canadian marketing rockstars had to say:

The PR sirens gathered to give their take on growth centred marketing:

As did a few branding bosses! 

A time hack made its way into the mix. Pay attention to this one. Time efficiencies are probably some of the most underused growth hacks in the indsutry. 

Ross Simmonds swooped in to save the day with his distro hack tip! Speaking of Ross and content distribution - He has this kick-ass guide on his blog that I use to help promote every piece of content I create! 

Jeff Goldenberg stopped by to point out the email marketing is definitely not dead! you can read about this tip and 99 others in his book The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy: 100 Proven Growth Hacks for the Digital Marketer

Found these tips helpful? Or want to let me know what your most helpful growth hack is? Hit me up on twitter @jaredgoodmaninc.