Jared Goodman's Content Marketing Portfolio

My journey to content marketing began very early in my first gig at Demand Marketing agency, Onboardly. An opportunity to write a blog post for one of our clients popped up and as an eager intern, I seized the opportunity. 


👉🏼 The Ultimate Dating Vloggers List via Zepeel

This was my first piece of content ever published and definitely boosted my interest in creating more. This was a skill I had no idea I had, it was like when Harry Potter walks into the wand shop and holds his wand for the first time. It literally spoke to me.

Shortly after finishing my internship and all but begging the CEO to create a position for me, I became the community manager at Onboardly and made sure that contributing to the company blog would be part of my responsibilities. My first project? A guide for future interns on how to crush it and get hired (it was the most important story I had to tell at the time).

👉🏼 Kicking A$$ and Taking Names: An Intern's Guide to Being a Startup Superhero via Onboardly

This blog post taught me A LOT about the type of writer I wanted to be. Within it are a lot of complex ideas I wanted to articulate and needed to do so without being long-winded. It was an imperative exercise to prepare me for the next pieces in this portfolio.

👉🏼 The Top 10 Blog Posts to Kickstart your Startup’s Social Media via Onboardly

👉🏼 Being a Guerrilla: Growth Hacking your Startup in a Saturated Market via Onboardly

Eventually, after becoming the blog manager, it became every member of the team’s responsibility to produce content for the blog that reflected their individual expertise. At the time, I was heavily focused on social media marketing - therefore these two posts were written strategically in a way that they would catch the attention of the right influencers when redistributed on social media via “mentions”.

Both were heavily promoted and shared by industry experts, on Twitter especially The Kickstart post was even raved about by social media expert and influencer Rebekah Radice.

👉🏼 Startup Beat Series: September Edition via Onboardly

👉🏼 Startup Beat Series: November Edition via Onboardly

I was also in charge of a few “Round-Up” posts. The Startup Beat series strategy was particularly fascinating to me as it was designed to feature existing clients but also find potential new ones and feature them on the blog to capture their attention and hopefully get them to want to work with us.

👉🏼 The 18 Best Relatable Marketing Agency Gifs of All Time via Onboardly

We also had an “All Time Best” series as well, which was fun and light-hearted when we wanted it to be, and more serious when we needed it to be. These posts were meant to shape our overall brand voice and tone and to share our knowledge as an agency.

👉🏼 The Rise of the Citizen Journalist via Muck Rack

As part of my role at Onboardly, I was also encouraged to go out and seek third-party publications to share our knowledge and assist with our backlink strategy. After connecting with Jess Lawlor on Twitter we worked out a plan for me to be featured on the PR publication, Muck Rack with a state of the industry styled post on the collaborative efforts of PR and social media and how when creating your PR strategy, bloggers and social media influencers shouldn’t be left out.


👉🏼 #TwitterChats: An Untapped Market Explored via Jared Goodman Inc

👉🏼 Witness Katy Perry Dominate Youtube With Influencer Marketing via Jared Goodman Inc

👉🏼 The Ultimate Instagram Content Guide via Jared Goodman Inc

👉🏼 Growth Marketing Tweets From Canadian Marketing Rockstars via Jared Goodman Inc

👉🏼 Crystal Ball Post: 2018 Marketing Predictions via Jared Goodman Inc

After Onboardly closed its doors in March of 2017, I really wanted to take my time in finding my next opportunity to make sure that it was the right move for me. While I networked to find clients, I also created my own blog. Above I’ve highlighted my personal favorite pieces I created.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Blog


The Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge was one of my first freelancing clients.. While I didn’t contribute to the YEC blog with content, I did however create, strategize and coordinate the brand’s blog. We asked leaders within the local startup community to contribute stories of their road to success and distributed them on our social media which had a large following of participating students and teachers.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Videos (Feb 3rd-Aug 31st)


👉🏼 Interview with David Alston, Entrepreneur in Residence for New Brunswick

👉🏼 Interview with Crystal Richard, founder and CEO of East Coast Mermaid

👉🏼 Interview with Marcel Leblanc, founder of Onvisor

NOTE: the program itself was bilingual so I’ve linked up the best English video’s but please feel free to take a look at the full roster of videos I created for the Youth Entrepreneurship program here, my content was produced between February 3rd and August 31st of 2017.

I also had the opportunity to do a lot of video content with promotions of the event. I created an eight-part FB Live video series where the program director sat down with young entrepreneurs in our community to share their personal stories about starting up, failures along the way, and how they achieved their ultimate success.


👉🏼 Venue Setup/ Contestants

👉🏼 Keynote Speakers

👉🏼 Judges

After all the promotion of the final Gala, at the actual event, I acted as the digital host - documenting the day of the event as guests arrived and streaming the final pitches. I highlighted above a few examples of the interviews and video hosting I conducted on the day. Very much like the warning, you see before the VMA’s at MTV: Despite my best efforts, this content was recorded live so viewer discretion may be advised. 😂



One of the content projects I am most proud of is the Facebook Live talk show I produced with my business partner Cearagh Vessey. A millennial themed “podcast” of sorts, distributed solely via Facebook Live. Feel free to check out all of our episodes with the link above, but below are some highlighted ones for you as well!

👉🏼 Discussing Financial Freedom with Marcel Leblanc

👉🏼 Workplace Culture/ Multi-Generational Teams

In the 2nd video, we played around with a DSLR camera and actually pre-recorded the episode the day it was supposed to air and “streamed” it live as a Facebook Live video the next day at our regular scheduled timing. This allowed for us to create that “next level” type content as opposed to standard live streaming from Facebook with an iPhone and a tripod.

👉🏼 Developing New Brunswick’s Silver Economy

👉🏼 Bus Riders in Moncton Can Now Use HotSpot App To Plan Trips, Buy Passes

During my time as a freelancer, I was also able to secure some PR content for clients like Startup Weekend, which I sat on the organizing team for 5 consecutive events and HotSpot Parking who hired me to handle their launch of Transit services in Moncton, New Brunswick.


More recently, I’ve taken on a role with an HR technology company that’s building vacation management software. The brand being in need of some serious TLC, I enlisted a graphic designer and started with the website. Along the way, we outgrew our current marketing assets and added a new visual identity (logo) and company video to the mix. Operating as a creative director on each project I truly discovered the power behind purpose-driven content.

NOTE: Slideshare is currently set to private so please click here to view.
Please also check out the company video I scripted and directed here.

The website design process was the most eye-opening project I had ever worked on. It truly taught me how creative I really am, and how badly I want to continue to exercise that part of my brain.

Serving as the creative director for this project I worked alongside the graphic designer to come up with the new concept and theme. I also re-wrote majority of the website copy to suit our audience more clearly.

Below I included a few screenshots for you to compare the old and the new versions of the website. (click the left-hand side to view the next image).

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.08.23 AM.png

As a content marketer coming from an agency and even with freelancing, it’s imperative to be able to bounce from industry to industry and be able to still deliver quality content no matter who your audience is for the piece that you’re creating - but when it came time for me to tackle HR I really had my work cut out for me. For this piece, I partnered with a local purpose-driven marketing agency, Marrow to create a post that would highlight the similarities I saw between the two departments, HR and marketing, and where the opportunities to collaborate would lie.