The Rise of The Citizen Journalist via Muck Rack

There is no question that social media has crept its way into public relations strategies over the past few years.

Less like a slithering snake creeping up on its prey and more like a lovestruck teenager throwing rocks at your window in the middle of the night.

Bottom line, they’re just meant to be together.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t around to witness Lloyd Dobler holding the boombox outside Dian’s window in 1989. That’s right, I’m a proud millennial, born in 1994 - so it’s safe to assume I’m part of the generation who won’t recall the pre-digital discipline.

I have, however, had the chance to witness the change in the way people interact with content. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you’re on, social is here and it’s offering you more access to your target audience than ever before.

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